The Tashi Prayer

The Tashi Prayer

The Verses of the Eight Auspicious Ones

OM – Homage to the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Noble Sangha –
All that dwell in the auspicious realms of the ten directions,
Where all appearance and existence is completely pure.
Their nature is spontaneously perfect. May all be auspicious for us!

[the Buddhas]:
The King of Torches from the Eastern World,
The Powerful Accomplisher of the Goal,
The Glorious Ornament of Love,
The Glorious One Renowned of Sacredness and Virtue,
The One Greatly Renowned for Ever-Thinking-of-Others,
The Glorious One of Mountain-Like Power,
The One Renowned for Always-Thinking-of-All-Beings,
The Glorious, Powerful, Satisfier-of-the-Wishes-of-Beings:
Homage to these Eight Sugatas!
Just hearing your names increases auspiciousness and success!

[the male Bodhisattvas]:
Youthful Manjushri, Glorious Vajrapani,
Powerful Avalokiteshvara, Protector Maitreya,
Ksitigarbha, Nivaranaviskambin,
Akashagarbha, Samantabhadra-
Gracefully holding your emblems:
The utpala flower, the vajra, the white lotus, the naga tree
The Jewel, the moon, the sword, and the sun!
Homage to these Eight Bodhisattvas!
Supreme in granting auspiciousness and success,

[the female Bodhisattvas]:
Homage to The Eight Auspicious Goddesses
of Beauty, Garlands, Song and Dance,
Flowers, Incense, Light and Perfume!
You make offerings to the Buddhas of all directions and times,
And hold the Eight Precious Emblems:
The precious umbrella, the auspicious golden fish,
The wish-fullfilling vase, the exquisite kamala flower,
The conch of fame and glory, the glorious knot of prosperity,
The eternal banner of victory, and the all-powerful wheel:
Homage to these Creators of Delight:
Just thinking of your essential qualities makes success grow more and more!

Protectors: – Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu,
And The One with a Thousand Eyes: Indra.
Kings: Dritirashtra; Virudhaka;
Lord of Nagas Virupaksha; and Vaishravana.
Each one holding a divine emblem:
The wheel, the trident, the spear, the vajra,
The lute, the sword, the stupa, and the banner of victory!
Homage to these Eight Guardians of the World,
Who make auspiciousness and prosperity grow in the the three realms!

With all obstacles and harmful influences pacified,
May the work we are now about to begin
Meet with ever growing fulfillment and success,
And bring good fortune, prosperity happiness, and peace!