The Four Thoughts That Turn One’s Mind to the Dharma

(The human body is difficult to obtain)

prayer-four-thoughts_01TANG PO GOM JA TAL JOR RIN CHEN DI
First, a precious human birth favorable for dharma practice,

prayer-four-thoughts_02THOP KA JIK LA TA RE DÖN YÖ JA
Is hard to obtain and easily lost. I must make this meaningful.


prayer-four-thoughts_04NYI NÖ CHÜ TAM CHAY MI TAK CHING
Second, the world and all its inhabitants are impermanent.

prayer-four-thoughts_05GÖ SU DRO WAY TSE SOK CHU BUR DRA
In particular, the life of each being is like a water bubble.

prayer-four-thoughts_06NAM CHI CHA MEY SHI TSE RO RU GYUR
It is uncertain when I will die and become a corpse.

prayer-four-thoughts_07TE LA CHÖ KYI PEN CHIR TSÖN PE DRUP
At that time only dharma can help, I must practice now with diligence.

prayer-four-thoughts_08(Karmic cause and effect)

prayer-four-thoughts_09SUM PA SHI TSE RANG WANG MIN DU WAR
Third, when death comes there is no freedom, and karma takes its course.

prayer-four-thoughts_10LE NI DAK KIR JA CHIR DIK PA PANG
Since I create my own karma, I should abandon all unwholesome actions

prayer-four-thoughts_11GE WAY JA WAY TAK TU DA WAR JA
And always devote my time to wholesome actions.

prayer-four-thoughts_12ZHE SAM NYIN RE RANG GYU NYI LA TAK
With this in mind, I must observe my mind-stream each day.

prayer-four-thoughts_13(The defects of samsara)

prayer-four-thoughts_14ZHI PA KOR WAY NE DROK DE JOR SOK
Fourth, just like a feast before the execution leads me to my death,

prayer-four-thoughts_15DUK NGAL SUM GYI TAK TU NAR WAY CHIR
Home, friends, pleasures, and possessions of samsara

prayer-four-thoughts_16SÖ SAR TRI PAY SHEY MAY GA TÖN TAR
Cause me continual torment by means of the three sufferings.

prayer-four-thoughts_17 ZHEN TRI CHAY NE TSÖN PE JANG CHUP DRUP
I must cut through all attachment and strive to attain enlightenment.